Indian Real Estate Agents in Bay Area

Buying a home be it newly built or an existing one is one of the big financial decisions an Indian American makes in the U.S.

With prices of even modest homes in Bay Area costing $450,000 or more, there is no room for any errors.

Finding a competent and professional real estate agent is not an easy task since there's a lot of glib talk involved.

When you sign a contract with a real estate agent while buying a new home or selling an existing home, always try to sign a contract for short-duration.

That way, if you're not happy with the realtor, you have the freedom to hire a new real estate agent.

Here are few Indian real estate agents in Bay Area that offer a range of realtor services:

Shamim Baksh
39812 Mission Blvd Ste # 100
Fremont, CA 94539
Ph: 510-709-7064

Intero Real Estate Services
Rajeev Awasty
39644 Mission Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
Ph: 510-703-7332