Indian Associations in Bay Area

Bay Area is home to several Indian community associations.

Every Indian community be it Bengalis, Gujaratis, Tamils, Malayalees,Kannadigas, Telugus or Maharashtrians have their own associations.

3666, Annis Cir,
Pleasanton CA 94588
Ph: 925-846-1560

39120, Argonaut Way, # 555,
Fremont, CA 94538
Ph: 510-623-8290

PO Box 7832,
Fremont, CA 94537

Indian National Congress of America
P.O. Box 353
San Bruno, CA 94066
Ph: 650-873-6092

Indo-American Society of Bay Area
P.O Box 730332
San Jose, CA 95173
Ph: 408-238-8975

Indo-American Foundation
774 S.Main St
Milpitas, CA 95035
Ph: 408-973-9161
20215 Northglen Sq
Cupertino, CA 95014
Ph: 510-489-7190

Bengali Student Organization of Stanford University

5270, Rooster Dr
San Jose, CA 95136
Ph: 510-624-2879

South Asian Cultural Group
at Stanford University

3182 Yakima Circle,
San Jose, CA 95121
Ph: 408-942-1355

Upwardly Global
582 Market St Ste 1207
San Francisco, CA 94104
Ph: 415-834-9901

Often, these community associations organize events to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Dassehra, Diwali, Sankranti, Ugadi, Vishu, and and Indian Independence Day, Republic Day that bond the community.

Most of these events also include cultural programs like Bharatanayam, Kuchipudi dance and Carnatic Music concerts and as well as food vendors serving Tandoori Chicken, Samosa Chaat, Idly, Dokhla, Masala Dosa, Utappam, Pongal, Dum Biryani etc.