Bay Area Indian Churches

The growth of Indian Christians in Bay Area has inevitably resulted in establishment of several Churches managed by desi Pastors.

Malayalee, Tamil and Telugu Churches have come up in San Jose, Santa Clara and other cities to cater to the spiritual needs of Christian immigrants from South Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh respectively.

Besides English, service in some of these Indian churches is also conducted in Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu.

Here are a few Indian Churches in Bay Area:

460 S Cypress Ave
San Jose, CA 95117
Ph: 408-247-5673

Christ Church of India
2420 Foothill Blvd
Los Altos, CA 95117
Ph: 408-530-0400

2545 Warburton Ave,
Santa Clara, CA 95051
San Jose, CA
Ph: 1-866-80-INDIA

Silican Valley Christian Church
1255 Pedro St
San Jose, CA 95126
Ph: 408-629-4350